PTLevel Temperature Sensor and all of the Temperature Features

Temperature Sensor and the Online Account

Let's walk through the dashboard step by step to view all of the new temperature features!
Wired WiFi PTLevel Plus Temperature Sensor


First, when you log into your account (through the App or through you'll see a summary of all of your devices. Within the summary, you'll see the current temperature of the liquid as shown below. Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner (sometimes also labelled as "Features" to access all of the data.

Temperature Probe Account Features

Once you've clicked on the 3 dots/Features, you can view your history, access alerts, settings, and sharing options (see the image below). For information purposes, this PTLevel measures an RO tank for a household, it is stored in a basement with fairly consistent temperatures, but the level changes frequently as water is used and as the tank gets refilled. Within the middle of the 2 graphs you'll see a sliding bar where the date range can be shortened, lengthened, or moved.

Device Temperature Settings

Under the device settings, you can change from Celsius to Fahrenheit. There are no other temperature settings options.

Temperature Probe Alerts

With the free online account, you get 2 free temperature alert points which will alert you when you go above or below the temperature selected. With the Premium Account, you get unlimited alert points. Shown below is the Premium Account.
Click "Alerts" within your device to access your Alert options and scroll to the bottom.

Temperature Probe Calibration

There is no calibration needed! Each temperature probe is calibrated before being sent out.

What do you get if you order the PTLevel with a Temperature Probe option?

You're PTLevel does all of the same things as the regular model, just with temperature options! You will get the regular PTLevel plus a temperature probe and the instruction card. Unfortunately if you already own a PTLevel, the probe can not be added after-the-fact. If you already own a PTLevel and want the temperature probe too, please contact us for a special price on a new PTLevel with the Temperature Probe.

PTLevel Temperature Probe

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