Premium Account

All About the Premium Account

After you setup your account, you can choose to upgrade your account to our Premium Account giving you access to many extra features. If you choose to stay with the free account, you can always access your account on any device at any time with many free features.

Your free features are:

- One month of running history
- Email and SMS alerts for any 2 level alert set points
- Delivery Sharing (share with your favorite delivery company so that they know when to deliver)
- Notification history (keep track of all the alerts you get so that you can look back anytime)
- Add as many PTLevels as you need to the same dashboard
- Allow a property manager to manage and monitor your devices for you
- View your level as a percentage
- Amazon Alexa enabled (basic features only), just ask "Alexa, open ptdevices" and then "what are my water levels"

Premium Account Features; all free features plus:

$5/month or $50/year

- 2 years of level history, plus you get controls to zoom in and look at the history in new ways
- Download history in a CSV file and view your history it with even more scrutiny
- Unlimited alert set points
- Multiple alert recipients, add additional family members or employees to also receive alerts
- View how many gallon/litres are left, not just the percentage
- Public sharing allows you to share an URL or embed it on your website so anyone can view your level which is great for Property Managers
- Amazon Alexa enabled with additional features within the Alexa app with more details available, just ask "Alexa, open ptdevices" and then "what are my water levels"
- Special Alert: enable alert for when your level does not change over time
- Special Alert: alert throttling, control alert sending rates (eg maximum 5 attempts per hour)

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