Transmitter Not Reporting - Troubleshooting Guidance

Transmitter Not Reporting - Troubleshooting Guidance

Getting the error message "Transmitter Not Reporting" can be frustrating, but we want to help!  Below are some possible reasons and solutions you can try in order to get your Transmitter reporting again.

1. Batteries - If the Long Range Wireless PTLevel doesn't have working batteries, your transmitter will not be reporting in. You can check your last posted battery reading by going to your history/usage graph. In the image below, you can see the battery is staying steady at around 6V, right where it should be. When changing your batteries we highly recommend to change them on a low humidity day, when it is not raining, and that the batteries are approximately the same temperature as outside (Don't put cold batteries into a warm PTLevel as this will cause condensation). And make sure the screw the lid on the PTLevel down very tight after you have put batteries into your PTLevel.

2. Interference - If there is a big metal building, a vehicle, or even a big ice/snow pile between the Receiver and the Transmitter, sometimes the transmitter will not be able to report in. Trying to remove the obstacle or moving the Receiver closer to the transmitter (and then pressing the transmitter button) can sometimes resolve this situation.

3. Press the Transmitter button: Sometimes simply pressing the transmitter button can fix the issue. If you press the Transmitter button and it flashes 8 times fast, press it again until it flashes 3 times slow. Then refresh your account and you may notice this has reconnected your device.

4. The Transmitter and Receiver became "unlinked" - This is extremely uncommon, but if your transmitter is not reporting, it has good batteries, there are no obvious obstacles creating an interference issue, and pressing the transmitter button hasn't reconnected your device, then you may have to "relink" your Transmitter and Receiver. We have another support article here that will walk you through the process:

5. Is there moisture in your Transmitter? If your batteries are corroded, there is obvious moisture in your Transmitter, your transmitter has been submerged, or water has somehow entered your PTLevel Transmitter; unfortunately your transmitter needs to be replaced and will read "Transmitter not Reporting". To read about our warranty, click here:

If all of those options didn't work, all is not lost. We would be happy to help you out! Please create a new support ticket and our Tech Team will get back to you.

Visit and click "Add Ticket" from your desktop or your mobile device.