What is the Range on the PTLevel Wireless?

What is the Range on the PTLevel Wireless?

We use a special low power very long range radio technology in our Wireless PTLevel devices. With the provided antennas which are built in, you can achieve up to 1km range or more depending on what is in between. We have customers who have their device a few feet underground with a metal lid on top and the receiver 200' away from that yet. 

If our device doesn't work for your scenario, we have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Special things to note:
- The PTLevel will work in cement basements
- The PTLevel will work in cement cisterns (do not install it where it can be submerged by water)
- The PTLevel may have reduced range if it is installed next to other electrical equipment (such as electrical panels) or if it is installed around a lot of metal equipment (such as surrounded by ductwork)
- The PTLevel will work through cement walls/ceilings and below grade, the range just may be reduced

To achieve the longest range:
- Install above grade
- Do not install with metal structures or items in between (eg metal buildings, metal lids, ductwork, etc)
- Install with as few obstructions as possible (eg trees, hills, buildings, etc)

If your power or internet goes out, your PTLevel will reconnect on it's own unless there has been an extended outage (eg 48 hours+). You may need to un-plug and plug the Receiver back in, or you may need to press the Transmitter button to "wake up" the PTLevel from a deep sleep. If the blue light on the Receiver is flashing 3 times in a row, you may need to reconnect it to your WiFi.
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