What happens when your internet or WiFi is not working

What happens when your internet or WiFi is not working

Since the PTLevel is designed for rural users, we understand that you also may have unpredictable internet, regular internet outages/downtime, power interruptions, etc. We have created this article to help you understand what your PTLevel is going to do during these internet or power outages and how it can affect the data you are seeing in your PTLevel Account.

Your PTLevel receiver will stay connected but whenever your transmitter reports in during it's battery saving schedule, that report would get missed and the online system would assume that there is trouble.

If your internet is out AND your WiFi is out (common during power outages)

Your PTLevel receiver will go into reconnect mode and broadcast it's own WiFi signal for reconnection to another WiFi with internet. In this case, you don't have to do anything and when your router WiFi is back, it should reconnect back to it on it's own within a few minutes. However, just like the above scenario, if the transmitter reports in during the WiFi down time, it is missed and the online system would assume that there is trouble.

So if your internet or WiFi is out and your PTLevel was scheduled to report in (see this article to understand the smart reporting schedule) this data will be missed in the online reporting system.  Once your power/internet is back, you can press the connect button on the transmitter and the PTLevel will report in that that time, or you can just wait for it to report in at it's next scheduled time. Unfortunately, our device currently doesn't maintain an offline memory storage of the readings that were missed.

Calculations of Tank Readings

We take in the reported raw sensor data and interpret that into a percentage by using a factory set zero point and the high point calculated when you "calibrate" or provide the "depth". The reported "raw" sensor value with the long range PTLevel is done on a battery saving schedule. See here: https://support.paremtech.com/portal/en/kb/articles/how-often-does-the-ptlevel-wireless-report-online. When that is sent in, the percentage is calculated and if you have the premium account, the "liters or gallons" left is as well. That actual percentage is what is used in your account display and the alerts are figured when the percentage is calculated. Then it is added to the history database where it averages the readings each hour point. With the premium account, you can download an xls sheet where it shows the history averaged per minute.

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