The PTLevel WebApp

The PTLevel WebApp

Many of our customers ask why we have a WebApp instead of an App, and we want to help you understand why the WebApp is going to be a better option for you and your PTLevel!

Mobile App
First, let's start with explaining what an App is.  A Mobile App runs on your actual device (such as your phone).  Although there are many benefits to a Mobile App such as not requiring internet, there are many limits especially to to the PTLevel. Since the PTLevel updates its level data via the cloud, internet will always be required to view PTLevel data when you are not within your WIFI connection.

A WebApp requires internet access to work, but the PTLevel uses very little data, don't worry! A WebApp will also be adaptive to any environment (such as tablet, phone, computer, android, iPhone, etc!) This allows the PTLevel WebApp to work on any device you have now or in the future without new downloads, updates, etc. 
The WebApp will always stay updated to the most current and secure version we have available without any work needing to be done by you.
Without downloading anything, the WebApp is available instantly when you set up your PTLevel.

Just like a Mobile App, a WebApp shortcut can be added to your phone/tablet home screen and will look and feel just like a Mobile App.  To setup a shortcut, check out this article:
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