Measuring Septic Tank Liquid Volume

Septic System Installation

How to monitor the level in your septic tank

To use a PTLevel in your septic tank, we recommend a slightly different installation method. (You can use a regular pressure chamber, but the thicker liquids can make maintenance more difficult).

What is Septic Tank Monitoring?

Septic tank monitoring uses a sensor installed inside of the septic tank and measures the level of the liquids. Then the level data collected by the sensor is sent to an online portal. The PTLevel's portal can be accessed by the App or by logging into your account on a browser where you can see your septic tank level, receive alerts about low or high levels, and view level history. A smart septic tank monitor can be an early warning system for septic issues.

Septic Tank Level MonitorThe PTLevel Septic Tank Adapter Installed in a Septic Tank

How does the PTLevel work for Septic Tank Monitoring?

If you understand how the PTLevel measures liquids, then you can effectively install a PTLevel to measure any "liquid" that has a consistent density. Basically, an air pocket is created in the regular pressure chamber when the pressure chamber is submerged, that air pocket changes pressure based on the weight of the liquid on it.  Since septic tanks have a thicker "liquid" and often have a different lid, we recommend the following installation with an open bottom on the pressure chamber. If you are installing in a situation when the bottom of the tank has solids, we recommend installing the septic adapter a few inches above this point to prevent clogging. (Fit all pieces together outside of the tank and push the septic adapter into place, there's no need to get your hands messy!)

We can supply you with a septic adapter (instead of a regular pressure chamber) at no additional cost. Please let us know when you are ordering in the comments section of your order through our website, or reach out to us via a support ticket to place your order. Also please note you will need to supply your own 1/2" electrical conduit (purchased from a local hardware store) at a length you determine (based on the depth of your tank).

Can I get alerted if my Septic Tank Level Goes Too High?

You can be alerted if your Septic Tank level goes too high or too low. Notifications are sent by email or SMS. When you're ready to create an alert, click on "Features" and then on "Alerts". Then select the percentage level you want to be alerted at and the method. Then press the green plus button.
Setting level alerts

Ordering a Septic Adapter

If you order the septic adapter from us, this is what you will receive. You'll notice the septic adapter is wider at the base to prevent clogging, it is not weighted (it is held in place by conduit you purchase from a local hardware supply store), and the cap is double-sided. One side of the cap is threaded and works as a clamp to secure the tubing to the barb, and the other side is designed to fit regular 1/2" electrical conduit into it. The septic adapter also comes with the fitting in the picture which does not have to be used, but it can help hold the conduit in place at the top of the tank.

If you are ordering through Amazon, you will have to order the septic adapter through us separately and pay for the septic adapter plus shipping.

The septic adapter, threaded cap, and conduit attached and installed in a septic tank.
The Septic Adapter Fitting (optional) to help secure the septic adapter in place

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