Power Over Ethernet (POE) and the PTLevel Wired

Power Over Ethernet (POE) and the PTLevel Wired

We supply a POE adapter and Power supply with every Wired PTLevel sold. This adapter is installed on the router end of the Ethernet cable and powers the PTLevel so that you only have to run one cable that is used for communications and power. 

You must use the supplied POE adapter as the device does not conform to any POE standards. 
If your POE adapter or power supply is damaged or lost, please contact us for a new one.

POE is supplied in the Wired PTLevel kit

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    • Can I use any Ethernet Cables with the PTLevel Wired?

      Yes, you can use any Ethernet cable. We recommend that you use a bury rated cable for any exposure to the sun or the ground. Otherwise, anything will work!
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      In this article, we will go over how to troubleshoot the PTLevel Wired device when it shows “Not Connected” in your account. TROUBLESHOOTING CONNECTIONSTo top  Below are steps we suggest that you can go through to troubleshoot your device. Check your ...
    • How Often Does the PTLevel Wired Report?

      The Wired PTLevel updates online every 30 seconds. Because it is powered by the Ethernet cable, it updates often.
    • What is the Maximum Depth the PTLevel Wired can Measure?

      The Wired PTLevel is shipped with 13' of tubing, however upon request we can supply longer tubing. The device can monitor up to 25' of water and anything deeper than that, we'd need to send you a larger "Pressure Chamber" for it to work properly. ...
    • Can the PTLevel Wired be Installed Outside?

      Absolutely. All PTLevel devices are designed specifically to handle the outdoor environment.  A few tips for outdoor installations: We recommend that you keep the small tubing that is exposed to the outdoors as short as possible. Make sure that the ...