Device Management Account - Client list/map views

Device Management Account - Client list/map views

With your Device Management Account, you get an overview of all the clients and their devices that you have permission to manage. This can be in two formats currently:

The client list.
Here you get a list of clients you manage and an overview of their devices. There is also a search form where you can search by client name or address.
  1. The user icon is a link to the client's profile.
  2. The rocket icon is a link to upgrade the client's account on their behalf.
  3. The eye icon is a link to the client's dashboard of devices.
  4. The pencil icon on each device is a link to the related device's settings.

The Map View

Here you get a map centered on the main area of the clients you manage. The pins that show are the client locations based on what they/or you have entered into their account profiles. Select the pin to see the related devices. The pin colors also represent the status of the devices in those client accounts. There is a legend at the bottom of the map view to see what the colors represent.

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