Calibration Procedure for the PTLevel Cistern Level Monitor

Monitoring small tanks

Our 10kPa sensors have an accuracy to 0.98mm. Our regular 100kPa sensors have an accuracy to  9.78mm

Custom Orders: 10kpa Sensors

Pressure Range: 0 to 10kpa. The pressure resolution on a 0 to 10 kPa sensor is 0.0096 kPa per bit, which is equivalent to approximately 0.98 mm of approximate resolution. We recommend 10kPa sensors for tanks less than 18".
This is an extra charge of $10 for the 10kpa sensor. To order, please reach out to us via our Support Ticket System. Please let us know if you are interested in the Long Range Wireless PTLevel or the Wired WiFi PTLevel. There may be a lead time of a few days to a few weeks for a 10kpa sensor, our support team would be happy to answer your questions on lead time!

Our Regular Sensors: Accuracy

It is acceptable for the reading to be off a few percent over the full range. This is due to environmental changes and the tolerances of the sensor. 
The typical accuracy is ±3%

Our Regular Sensors (100kpa): Resolution of Sensor

Pressure Range: 0 to 100kpa : Just to get an idea, 1 meter of water column is around 9.81 kpa but the tubing length and other environmental factors (such as altitude and temperature) changes that a bit.
Pressure Resolution: 0.096kpa per bit. This works to about 9.78mm of approximate resolution.

PTLevel Pressure Chamber

All about kPa:

kPa stands for kilopascal, which is a unit of pressure in the metric system. It is commonly used to measure fluid or liquid pressure. Pressure is defined as force per unit area, and the pascal (Pa) is the SI unit for pressure. One pascal is equal to one newton of force per square meter.

Here's how kPa is used to measure liquid pressure:

Pressure in a Liquid: When you have a liquid in a container, the weight of the liquid above any point within the container exerts pressure on that point. This is known as hydrostatic pressure. The pressure in a liquid depends on the density of the liquid, the acceleration due to gravity, and the depth or height of the liquid above the point.

kPa as a Measurement: To express this pressure in kilopascals, you can use the following formula:

P (kPa) = ρ (density of the liquid, kg/m³) * g (acceleration due to gravity, m/s²) * h (height or depth of the liquid, m)

ρ is the density of the liquid in kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m³).
g is the acceleration due to gravity (approximately 9.81 m/s² on the surface of the Earth).
h is the height or depth of the liquid in meters (m).
By using this formula, you can calculate the pressure in kilopascals at a specific depth within a liquid. kPa is a useful unit for describing liquid pressure, as it provides a metric measure of the force exerted by the liquid on a given area. It's commonly used in various applications, including in hydraulic systems, plumbing, and industrial processes where liquid pressure needs to be controlled or measured.

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